Friday, May 28, 2010

Revelation Magazine - CTSA exposed.1995

This article appeared in Revelation magazine issue #12 in 1995.
Transits slashing pieces and the odd panel was not really a new thing in the early to mid 90's. Before CTSA, in the 80's there was the RIO RANGERS. RIO being an acronym for Railway Investigation Officers.
Melbourne saw a huge break in the slashing of pieces along the lines up until around 2008 when a new breed of slashings took place by CTCV. CTCV was believed to be the APU (Asset Protection Unit), employed by Connex who was operator of the Melbourne train system at the time. CTCV slashing seems to have ceased at present. Maybe it was the introduction of a new operator (Metro) taking over the train system or maybe it was the spotlight of the press article that put the brakes on them.

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